Free eBook: Build and Manage a Strong Trauma Performance Improvement Program


How do you establish, build and manage an effective trauma performance improvement and patient safety (PIPS) program? The American College of Surgeons provides detailed program requirements, and other resources supply a good theoretical framework. But according to Michael McGonigal, MD, bridging the gap between theory and practice can be difficult. This free guide for trauma program leaders discusses strategies for:

Download 9 Tips for Running an Effective Trauma PIPS Program

  • Speeding up issue resolution and PIPS loop closure
  • Ensuring complete and adequate documentation of PIPS findings and actions
  • Developing systems for capturing every trauma patient within the PIPS process
  • Tracking open items and organizing program records
  • Ensuring adequate and compliant PIPS meeting attendance
  • Addressing peer issues fairly and sensitively
  • Avoiding the risk of overwhelming your staff

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